Frequently Asked Questions

In the home page pick out what category you are interested in such as Painting and Crafts, Black Light Painting, or a Party Event. Go to the request information and select the category you are interested in in the drop down menu and select your choice or choices. Please leave in the message box a good time to call back.

Once you have chosen a category your interested in to find out more go to events tab to see what ideas we can offer. These are not the actual item you are purchasing, it is an idea of what is possible and what we have done in the past. You then go to forms or free estimate to request more information. We then dream up what you want to paint.

In the message area of the form please leave a time and how is the best way to contact you.

Select a category and look at events to get an idea of what you would like to do. Then Go to contact and/or get a free estimate and fill form out to contact us. Please fill out fully with category and in message leave a time that is convenient for us to contact you.

Depending on the type of event and when the request is done allow up to 48 hour response time to 4 days. For example: If the request is done on Monday then a response will be up to 48 hours through email or phone depending on what is on the request form message. If the request is done on a Friday please allow up to 4 days due to the busiest time on the weekends.

We have morning, afternoon, and evening times upon availability. There are no available times on Monday-Tuesday for now, subject to change as we get busier.

We are open Monday-Tuesday, (10-6) Wednesday we are closed, Thursday-Saturday 10-10. Sunday 2-8

Blacklight events are only at night, however anything is doable but if the customer is requesting to paint in neon paint this can be done, however there will not be the glowing effect to see the neon paint as you would see at night if at all.

All requests are done during a free 30 - 45 minute consultation, this includes specifics of event, theme, design, and more. A pre-drawing is available or custom stencils done by the artist (Desra) upon request from the customer.

10-12 artists can be on the bus at one time to paint, however this will depend on the type of event you will be having. For instance if all the artists are in wheelchairs they take up more room and may not be able to accommodate the 12.

This is subjective, we can make room but there are only up to 12 seats for the artist participating, This is subjective , we can make room just know there are 12 seats for the artist participating.

Absolutely!!!! There will be chairs for both a child and one parent or guardian only at this type of event. If there are twins then the parent or guardian can sit in between the kiddos. This means there will be 6 artists and 6 chairs for who is helping the kiddo, unless there are twins then there will be two artist seats and one adult. I am not a RBT or a board-certified behavior analyst known in the industry as a BCBA. I am also not a Art Therapist. My title is a Behavioral Therapist that works under a BCBA. 

Use your judgment and the type of event you would like to have your kiddo participate in. You know your kiddo better than anyone, however if the child can focus on a task for at least one hour with reinforcements by the parent in between more than likely they will do well.

There are no refunds but there are credits for a rescheduled future event at the cost spent and if a balance is due the host is responsible for paying the balance prior to the updated event schedule. If materials and theme are already in place and there are no changes to the original event plan the cost stays the same. But If the host does want any changes from the original event there will be an extra cost for any update and for preparing a new event.